Enjoy a massage in the green and calm centre of Bruges!
I’m talking about Swedisch massage with a touch of intuïtion! I don’t mind to work with a bit more pressure, if you want me to. And there is also the possibility to take a shower, yay! (just let me know in advance)

  • WHY? 
    Stress is a major factor in heart disease, immune disorders, digestive problems and a host of other illnesses. In fact, stress and tension are responsible for about 90% of all health problems! It effectively alters our body chemistry, depletes our immune system and leaves us more open to disease. And, suprise, it also influenses our mental state. So why a massage? Because it improves your immune system, takes away stress and (muscle) tention, and gives you a good mood. You happy, and the people around you!


    Back, shoulders, neck and head / 30 or 60 minutes / €30 or €50
    Full body massage / 60 or 90 minutes / €50 or €70
    Full body massage / 120 minutes/ €120
    Foot massage / 30 minutes / €25
    Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki foot massage / 60 minutes / €45
    Indian head massage (on clothes) / 60 minutes / €45

    Please note that these prices are available if you book in person (by fb or phone).
    In case of booking on the Treatwell website, the prices are higher.

    Last but not least: I work with organic oils! 🙂



    Address:  Speelmansrei 21, 8000 Brugge
    The easiest way to reach my place is by foot or by bicycle taxi ( (+32) 478 51 41 15) . As you noticed, Bruges is pretty small, and you only have 2 main shopping streets which connect the market square and T’Zand. I’m basically around the corner of one of those streets. Check google maps 🙂 it’s really simple.In case you come by car;  you can’t park your car in this street. Best option is the underground parking T’Zand and walk 3min my direction. Be on time! Good luck!

Sophia Dequeker
BE 0675.376.059